From Zero to Crazy Chicken Lady in 2.5 days.

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If you are a fan of Tesla Motors, you may know that the popular Model-S has a much talked about “Ludicrous Mode”. In this mode, the car will do Zero to 60 in under 2.5 seconds! That’s pretty quick and so is going from, “I should start thinking about where to build a chicken coop” to chickens arriving in 2.5 days. The word “ludicrous”, by definition, is an adjective which means:

“so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing.”

If I described this week as ludicrous it would be putting most of the heavy lifting on the “out of place” portion of the definition, what with jumping from electro-mechanical design to chickens.

As I began fleshing out my plans for using the shop as a design and test lab, my mind was mostly on interacting with the environment in terms of natural resource usage. Data points like temperatures, rainfall, solar insolence, wind speeds, power consumption, were all on the list.

Chickens were not on the list.

Somewhere along this planning route, like a chicken with a broken wing, things took a bit of a turn.

I had pondered the idea of keeping a few chickens here at the shop but there was always a good excuse not to get started. Impending travel plans were often the reason. Well, it’s 2020 and most of my travel plans have died of Covid-19. This fact had me lingering a bit longer over the baby chicks at the feed store when I went to by dog food. One evening, after talking myself out of getting chicks at the feed store once again, I happened by my sister’s house for dinner. Over dinner she said, “We are ordering baby chicks for the kids and they have a big minimum order, do you want some.”

The inner crazy chicken lady in me spoke up and said, “Yes, I would love some!”

The plan was that the chicks would ship in 6 weeks or so. That would give me some time to prepare. Well, plans changed and her daughter agreed to bring me 5 hens. I had given it a bit of thought with chicks expected in 6-8 weeks but now…

I had about 3 days notice to get a coop and chicken run built and be ready for chickens!

Sunburned, banged up, and tired, I was attaching the last piece of hardware cloth on the coop, when I heard my Sister, Niece and her kiddos knocking on the shop door, chickens in hand. I still have a lot of odds and ends and finish work to do on the coop but I think they are relatively safe from predators, not the least of which is Roxy the shop dog.

Okay, crazy chicken lady, What the cluck does this have to do with Vanguard Tech?

Remember our friends at Tesla and their super fast “Ludicrous Mode”. They happen to build fast sporty cars. However, if you read Tesla’s company goal it starts with, “to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport”. This is the what we want to achieve portion of the goal. The compelling cars drop out of how they have gone about that.

Here at the Vanguard Tech shopstead our goal is:

to encourage sustainable living by demonstrating and manufacturing technology for sensing and controlling sustainable environments.

So, while a small flock of chickens may seem an odd addition to a product design and manufacturing operation. These young ladies will play an interesting role in providing a living example of interaction with a dynamic environment.

Oh, and eggs they will also provide eggs.


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