Vanguard Technology

Vanguard Technology has made many changes through the years but one thing has always remained constant.

Vanguard Technology has always been in the business of making our customers more productive by helping them leverage computing and technology.
– President Vanguard Technology Corp.


  • In the early 90’s – Vanguard Technology provided embedded firmware design for local companies as well as Industry giants like Square D, Schneider Electric, and the national labs.
  • In the mid 90’s – Vanguard Technology introduced production semiconductor programming services and semiconductor packaging. Programming and packaging millions of computer chips to make our customer’s assembly lines more efficient.
  • At the turn of the century – Vanguard Technology began introducing more manufacturing services such as laser cutting/marking and machining.
  • Beginning in 2010 – Vanguard Technology started looking to the future and how we might help our customers with new prototypes and designs. In the years that followed we added 3D printing capabilities and polyurethane molding to our manufacturing floor.
  • Today – Vanguard Technology is once again looking to the future, and yet in many ways returning to our embedded system programming roots, as we expand our embedded controls integration and enter the exciting new field of collaborative robotics.